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For companies

  • Neurofeedback and HRV training

    We use both neurofeedback and HRV-feedback technologies to help you improve your mental and physical performance.

  • Your Health in Data

    We never guess what's optimal, we test it.

    Each individual is biologically different. Your experiment will be tailored to your own biology and health goals.

  • Metabolism optimization

    We also track glucose using a continuous glucose monitor.

    Our experiments are designed to optimize metabolic health, by helping you regulate glucose and take control of your health.

For private individuals

  • Choose your health objectives for the next 3 months

    Tell us about your highest priority related to health is in the next 3 months:

    - Focus on losing fat or gaining muscle mass.

    - Improving mental performance, focus and clarity of mind.

    - Improving mental wellbeing.

    - Improving physical performance markers such as endurance, strenght and mobility.

  • Experiment on yourself for 21 days or more

    Depending on your health goals, you will get an experiment to run on yourself and collect data such as:

    - glucose using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

    - Amino acids using a home blood test.

    - And other biomarkers (such as Heart-Rate, Lactate Threshold etc.)

  • Get insights to what actually works for your health goals

    Based on your data, you will get a detailed analysis to what works for improving your health and well-being. This analysis is tailored to both: your goals and your experiment results.

    You either improve or you get your money back: if you do not see an improvement, you will get your money back as described in our refund policy below.

  • Uppsala University

  • Base10

  • Biohackeri

  • Uppsala Innovation Center

  • Adam

    The experience tracking glucose levels with Amino Health was so insightful.
    I get a bit jittery sometimes in the mornings after eating breakfast,
    and I got my answer from monitoring my glucose… and so much more.

    The report was helpful and something I loved - since I like tinkering on my own it was the perfect introduction to my exploration into my glucose and what can be done about it. 

  • Gal

    I used Amino Health, documenting what I eat and I found out so many things about the foods that trigger me and my baseline glucose levels.

    I tend to get groggy a few hours after eating and I realized my glucose levels tended to dip low at nights and I could understand why certain foods are not good for me.

    Afterwards I received a detailed report on my levels. Extremely helpful!