Get started with Glucose Monitoring

This is our most popular experiment.

Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor and get:

Body composition strategies

Mental and physical performance strategies

A general metabolic health analysis (See how you compare to the general population)

Start tracking your Glucose

Experiment on yourself

  • Select your Goal

    Choose from:

    Body: better body composition, improved strenght and skin quality.

    Sleep: sleep better and feel better.

    Mind: Improved mental performance, mood and overall wellbeing .

  • Experiment on yourself for 21 days or more

    Based on your goal you will get to track either:

    - Glucose using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

    - Sleep using either subjective measures or a preferred device.

    - Or other biomarkers (such as Heart-Rate, Lactate Threshold etc.)

  • Get insights to what actually works for your health goals

    Based on your data, you will get an analysis for what works for you.

    You either improve or you get your money back: if you do not see an improvement, you will get your money back as described in our refund policy below.

  • Neurofeedback and HRV training

    We use both neurofeedback and HRV-feedback technologies to help you improve your mental and physical performance.

  • Your Health in Data

    We never guess what's optimal, we test it.

    Each individual is biologically different. Your experiment will be tailored to your own biology and health goals.

  • Metabolism optimization

    We also track glucose using a continuous glucose monitor.

    Our experiments are designed to optimize metabolic health, by helping you regulate glucose and take control of your health.

  • Uppsala University

  • Base10

  • Biohackeri

  • Uppsala Innovation Center

  • Adam

    The experience tracking glucose levels with Amino Health was so insightful.
    I get a bit jittery sometimes in the mornings after eating breakfast,
    and I got my answer from monitoring my glucose… and so much more.

    The report was helpful and something I loved - since I like tinkering on my own it was the perfect introduction to my exploration into my glucose and what can be done about it. 

  • Gal

    I used Amino Health, documenting what I eat and I found out so many things about the foods that trigger me and my baseline glucose levels.

    I tend to get groggy a few hours after eating and I realized my glucose levels tended to dip low at nights and I could understand why certain foods are not good for me.

    Afterwards I received a detailed report on my levels. Extremely helpful!