Corporate Wellness

Improve employee health by engaging them in an experiment.

Our goal is to give your employees ownership over their health by one 21 day experiment.

During this 21 day experiment your employees will

  • Choose a health goal to focus on.
  • Get tracking devices to track biomarkers related to their health.
  • Learn through bootcamps how to reach their personal goals.
  • Learn about their own biology and take ownership of it.
  • Share insights from their experiments with their colleagues.

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      How much does it cost?

      The experiment starts for free the first 7 days, if you decide to continue: the cost is 2200sek per employee.

      How your employees win

      • They improve their health while having fun.
      • They get to brag about their gadgets from Continuous Glucose Monitors and EEGs to Smart scales and Heart-Rate Monitors.
      • They get to try out the latest biohacking technologies, from biofeedback to infrared light therapy.
      • They learn about their unique biology and how it reacts to their environment.
      • They build habits that will stay with them for the next years to come.

      How your company wins

      • Happier employees, healthier employees.
      • Employees bonding over sharing insights from their experiments.
      • Lower employee medical costs.
      • Attract people who have a spirit of self-experimentation.
      • Increased productivity for all of the above reasons.