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Amino Health

Glucose Monitoring for Mental Performance and Longevity

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  • Give Clean Lasting Energy
  • Enhance Mental & Athletic Performance
  • Boost Memory & Productivity
  • Promote Alertness & Focus

How does it work?

    1. You monitor your glucose with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (a pain-free and water-resistant medical device that stays on your arm for 14 days)
    2. You track your meals by taking pictures.
    3. You see how each meal or activity impacts your glucose levels.
    4. After 14 days of using the CGM you get a full data analysis.
      • An assessment of how you metabolize glucose.
      • Which foods seem better for your goals and biology.
      • Strategies to reach your goals, increase endurance, lose fat and feel good during the day.

    IMPORTANT this product requires an NFC enabled smartphone.

    the Continuous Glucose Monitor, improve mental health, performance and longevity, slow aging