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amino health

MIND Experiment (14 day experiment)

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Who is this for?

This is a 14 day experiment.

Improve your mental performance and wellbeing through self-experimentation. Run a placebo controlled experiment on yourself.

You will receive a box with:

  • ✓ One month of supplements including supplements tested by Amino Health for improved mental performance and wellbeing.
  • ✓ By 14 days you will already receive results of your experiment.
  • ✓ A structured experiment with exactly what to take on each day and how to measure the impact of the supplements.
  • ✓ Includes palcebos to control for placebo effect.
  • ✓ You will get the exact plan on what to take each day for a more accurate experiment.
  • ✓ You only get to know which supplements it was at the end of the experiment.

Which supplements are used here?

  • The list of supplements depends on your personal preferences, you will receive this list with your kit, but you will only know which is which after finishing the experiment.
  • All the supplements are randomised so that you do not get placebo effect. We will send you the results once your experiment is done.
  • You can always choose to remove some by leaving a note or contacting us at
  • The kit can be made to match your food preferences and allergies.
  • Placebo: using either acacia fiber or oat fiber (gluten free).